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Origin: China, East Asia


China Rose is a mid-to late-season radish variety that has pink leafy stems with green leaves which exert an astringent radish flavor. It is eaten primarily with salted vegetables and is popular in East Asian cuisine as a garnish and as a salad leaf for its crunchy texture and refreshing, sweet and spicy taste.

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Additional Information:

Color and texture: Purplish- green in color with Crunchy, sweet, and juicy texture.


Seeds: Our organic seeds are grown in Longiano, Italy


Nutritional information: The edible sprouts of Radish China Rose are loaded with anthocyanins. They also contains folic acid, niacin, potassium, iron phosphorus, pantothenicacid, calcium, magnesium, zinc, carotenes, vitamins A, B, C, E & K.

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