Exquisite and delicious leafy greens and flowers good for both you and the environment.


Farmy is an advanced hydroponic farm located in Stockholm focused on growing rare and highly nutritious crops. 


We grow plants from all around the world and we have succeeded to hydroponically grow several varieties of edible flowers for the first time in the world.


In tandem with our production we also offer modular grow units to others where they can grow the same quality products.

Our goal is to put the tastiest, freshest and highest quality greens in the kitchens in which they are to are to be prepared.


We offer our expertise of each of our crops and grow according to your needs from seed to delivery. 



We strive to reduce the environmental impact of food, while at the same time locally providing first class ingredients, contribute to the food resilience, as well as create technologies to make these same plants available to everyone and bring healthier, tastier greens to the dining tables of a more self sufficient Sweden. 

We are driven by our deep passion for good food, and our interest in technologies for improving sustainability in food production methods, always working to troubleshoot our way to the best result possible.


With our premium products, we wish to offer new perspectives on the meaning of sustainable foods. 


Using our self-developed technologies we hope to eventually make the transition to expand our reach from the restaurant world to also encompass dinner tables all over the country with an ever-present emphasis on top-shelf quality.

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In our production, we grow a wide range of microgreen baby greens, rare leafy greens and edible flowers.


We use a vertical hydroponic system and grow indoors under artificial light and climate control. In our production we created a multi-climate farm which allows us to grow a wider range of produce.


Our farming solutions come with our own home made technologies which allow us to monitor and control our farms in any location. The technology has been developed from three years of intense research and development with growers.


Our farming solutions are modular and can be tailored for your space.

Our unique unit which we call Farmy Plus is a grow cabinet. It is "plug and play" and ready to use upon installation.

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All of our microgreens are grown hydroponically, without soil, using sensors we ourselves have developed to measure and regulate humidity, temperature, water levels, pH and nutritional levels. 

Thanks to the expertise we have collected, we can both reduce our energy consumption and adapt the growing conditions of individual plant species, even those which are difficult to grow. 

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Indoor hydroponic farming uses 90-95% less water compared to conventional farming and can also reduce the distance which food travels by bringing the point of growing and selling closer together, thereby lowering its carbon footprint. 


Farmy also uses compostable packaging and reusable material to deliver orders of crops. We believe it is very important that we focus on growing products that avoid the issues brought on by most of the imported products found in our stores today, which are often packaged with heavy duty plastic, require temperate transport and have a very short shelf time, all of which results in a higher percentage of waste.


We grow highly nutritious and innovative products which we make available to a broader range of society. Comparing our production to imported vegetables with respect to the unit of nutrition shows a significantly higher number with greatly reduced CO2 emissions.

Our Microgreens especially often contain tens of times more nutrition, vitamin and useful elements than common alternatives.

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